Food4Good aims to provide volunteers with the opportunity to build skills and achieve personal goals through meaningful volunteer placements. We believe that everyone has something to offer. We encourage all who are interested to get in touch! 

Please contact us about how you'd like to contribute.

We are so grateful for donations of any amount that help us pursue our vision of healthy, vibrant communities that are food secure. Charitable tax receipts will be mailed to the address you provide for donations over $20.00.

Food4Good is always open to forming mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations and individuals. 

We would love to hear from you, whether you're a gardener with produce to donate, a business looking to make a community contribution, or you have a different idea entirely about how to be involved! 

Take Action on Household Food Insecurity

Household food insecurity – a lack of money to buy enough healthy food – is a serious issue in Alberta. More than 1 in 10 households in Alberta experience household food insecurity.

Household food insecurity contributes to poor health, and at the same time, poor health puts households at greater risk for food insecurity.

At the root, household food insecurity is an income-related issue. Addressing household food insecurity means ensuring all Albertans have enough money to meet their basic needs.

Community Perspectives on Household Food Insecurity

In the summer of 2017, Food4Good teamed up with the Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention (APCCP) in Edmonton, Alberta to explore community perspectives on income-related responses to household food insecurity.

Watch our latest video to hear what community members had to say.

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