it is wonderful to know that there are resources for marginalized families out there. Keep up the great work in the community!!

Market Attendee at Glenwood Community League

Affordable Produce Markets

This is a project to increase access to fresh and affordable foods. Our Affordable Produce Markets run throughout the year in different west end locations like community leagues and parks. By utilizing bulk buying, retail relationships, and healthy food donations, we are able to offer fresh foods to our community at 30-50% lower than grocery store prices. We distribute around 1000lbs of food per market and try to source as many culturally-appropriate foods as we can. Anyone is welcome to attend the markets, which creates a space of diversity and inclusivity, while providing a place for community members to connect with one another.  

I went to the last market in Canora, and plan to go again…I was so happily surprised my bag of groceries was only $7.00 that I nearly cried. Food4Good is a very good thing.

Market Attendee at Canora Community League

My son who is a single dad of three and daughter have also had the pleasure and delight of attending the market and are so impressed with walking out with two bags of fresh veggies and fruit for all under 7 dollars.

Market Attendee at Canora Community League

This project is made possible through a grant from the Oiler's Community Foundation.



Collective Kitchens

Collective Kitchens are shared cooking opportunities that build skills, foster social connections, and provide a food access point. Each month, a group comes together to prepare large batches of 2-3 healthy dishes. Participants contribute a nominal fee of $3 and take home 12-15 servings of homemade food that can be frozen or saved for later. Food4Good also runs a "Kid's Kitchen" with the elementary kids at the Boys & Girls Club West, where we focus on healthy eating habits, kitchen skills and making cooking fun.


I just wanted to tell you how much [we] enjoyed our afternoon, preparing the Vietnamese Salad and Enchiladas. We met some lovely people, and couldn't believe how much we took home, for such an amazingly small amount of money.

Collective Kitchen Participant



This project is made possible through a grant from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.





I enjoyed the community collaboration, a long lost art.

Collective Kitchen Participant

Thank you for the opportunity to participate today, it was wonderful to meet everyone. Once home I had my son deliver the meal and extra groceries you gave out to a family in our neighbourhood that has been struggling due to lack of income. Thanks for letting our family pass on the gift.

Collective Kitchen Participant

Community Gardens

Our gardens are places for community members to connect with each other and their food. We match community members who want to garden with spaces to do so. We work with multiple churches in the west end to put unused space to work, and also coordinate some private YardShares with homeowners who have open space in their yards. Our group of gardeners is 40+ strong and come from diverse backgrounds: some are long-time area residents, newcomers to Canada, youth, seniors, experienced gardeners wanting to share their knowledge, and first-time growers wanting to learn.