Through our work, we will create vibrant, thriving communities that are food secure.



We will use an integrated food systems approach to create collaborative spaces that facilitate learning, growing, cooking, and accessing healthy food. Our approach is community-based, inclusive, and impactful to vulnerable people.


  • Increase food security
  • Increase food literacy & skills building opportunities
  • Foster community ownership
  • Create a permanent community place for food
  • Achieve financial sustainability

Guiding Principles

These principles will be used as criteria to decide which community food activities we undertake and also to evaluate or measure the success of our actions and initiatives.

  •  Access to Healthy Food – We will strive to work together as a community and as an alliance to increase universal access to healthy food. We understand that ‘healthy food’ can be defined in many ways. We see it as inclusive of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, culturally appropriate foods, education as to how to use the food in a nutritious way, and healthy growing practices.
  •   DiversityOur activities will reflect the diversity of our neighborhoods in the organizations, incomes, ages, cultures and abilities that are engaged. We believe that diversity will bring richness to the actions we take because of the variety of experiences and knowledge that different groups and individuals bring.
  •   Sustainability – Financial and environmental sustainability for the project is always at the forefront of our minds when we make decisions and take actions for the project. We will educate and encourage growing, food preparation, distributing, and waste reallocation practices that respect the earth.
  •   Community Owned – We will seek to engage and listen to the suggestions and ideas of every participant in Food4Good as well as the wider community, including marginalized groups and do our best to ensure shared-decision making and responsibility to each other in the community. We believe that every person has gifts, abilities and talents to contribute and we will endeavor to identify these and offer opportunities for people to participate.
  •   Relationships – Food will be a tool we use to build relationships between individuals, groups, and organizations in our community. Relationships will be the building blocks and foundation for all that we do. We will take extra care and effort to include marginalized groups in our activities.
  • Reducing BarriersWe know that inadequate income is one of the barriers to people accessing healthy food. We will strive to create opportunities for all individuals and organizations to generate income and increase access to affordable, healthy food for all.